Paperless Post is reimagining online stationery and invitations through technology and design. I joined the iOS team in 2015 as a product designer. I’ve included a couple features that I’ve worked on for my team while on iOS.

Role: Product Design, UX & Visual Design
Client: Paperless Post
Completed: 2015-2016



Event Details

When a user finishes customizing their online RSVP card, the next step of the process is to create an Event page where guests can reply and interact with each other. Originally optimized for the iPad, this information-intensive step of the user journey was frustratingly fitful, taking users into different views that slowed down entry.


In order to make it clear to the user what information they needed to fill out, I linearized all the required fields so it resembled more of a traditional table view. I also collapsed the advanced options that we offer on desktop, since events created on mobile are generally more casual.





Upcoming Events

Our strategy for the Paperless Post mobile app shifted from card creation to event management. A major friction point for hosts was finding their upcoming events within the app. If we could contextually surface users’ events on the homescreen, our bet was that it would increase overall time in the app.


Because a complete dashboard page would involve significant development resources and a rearchitecturing of the app, we decided to test our hypothesis. We create a MVP to investigate host interaction with an Upcoming Events module that surfaced when an invitation was detected.